Designing for Agility: A 7 Step Approach™

The “New Normal” demands that our organizations develop greater agility to shift and advance in the 2020 global marketplace. This workshop helps you start with a sound strategic foundation and design the right structures, work processes, and human capital systems that support the agility needed for enduring results. The benefits include:

  • Greater ability to adapt to changes in the market
  • Greater customer connection and satisfaction
  • Accelerated development and distribution of new products
  • Increased employee engagement and productivity
  • Cost savings through efficient operations

Solutions is proud to offer this 3-day workshop on the theory, practice and tools for creating an agile, highly competitive organization. It provides a concise, easy to understand 7-step model for creating greater agility. Participants get “hands on” practice in each of the seven steps in this action-learning workshop using pre-workshop study, cases, and classroom experiences. In addition to a workbook, participants walk away with a functional Pocket Guide and CD of the most frequently used tools and models.

The workshop has been delivered to companies such as Barclay’s Bank, plc, Bank of Montreal, Sterling Commerce and Fidelity Investments. Other alumni have come from organizations such as Kohl’s, Bose, Cisco, McKinsey, John Deere, Stanford University, Humana, Nationwide, United Airlines, American Express and GlaxoSmithKline.

The workshop has been accredited by the Organization Design Community, signifying that it meets the highest standards for organization design training.  Contact us for additional information, including learning outcomes and the high level design.