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Welcome to Solutions

Results Driven Change: A Direction Towards Excellence

Solutions provides services that identify and address behavioral and cultural barriers to implementing significant change in organizations. Drawing on a broad base of experience, we design and implement new strategies to help organizations align their systems, structures and processes to increase their business capabilities.

Our results driven change approach applies state-of-the-art technologies and best practices to help companies achieve breakthrough performance and generate measurable return on investment. The result is an increase in growth, flexibility and overall competitiveness.

A Perspective For Change

Today’s highly competitive business environment demands that companies continually adapt themselves to ever-changing product requirements, customer needs, technology innovations, and employment markets. Change has always been a factor in business, but is even more important now as the business environment forces companies to:

  • introduce new technology
  • implement new information systems
  • redesign their supply chain
  • improve product development
  • restructure/merge/acquire
  • enhance or develop new manufacturing strategies

Factors such as rapid growth, downsizing, deregulation, and new competition require new organizational systems, structures, and processes. Companies must undergo significant transformation or risk losing their competitive advantage.

Managing Change Through Integrated Solutions

We believe in an integrated approach to organizational management and examine all elements of your company’s business structure and strategic plan. Our change process aligns your entire organization with your company’s critical business priorities. Working with your leadership the process begins with understanding of your company’s current strengths, assessing the readiness for change, and establishing a clear direction with focused, market-based business goals.

Our model integrates many elements including these strategic initiatives:

  • Vision, Mission and Values Clarification
  • Chartering Leadership and Design Teams
  • Leading Change Training
  • Strategy Clarification
  • Organization Alignment
  • Creating the Architecture of the Change Process
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Renewal

Results Driven Change: Value-Added Results

The below results are all elements of cultural transformation. Research shows companies that adopt innovative management systems outperform traditional companies: